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The Lady from the Sea

Автор: Henrik Ibsen Е-книга

Ellida Wangel grew up loving the sea, but she eventually moved away and married a doctor instead of the sailor who originally stole her heart. This has put a strain on her relationship with her husband and his two daughters, from his previous marriage.

Ellida Wangel is the second wife of widower, Dr. Edvard Wangel. She is the stepmother to his daughters, Bolette and Hilde, who prefer to keep their distance. The family dynamic is often cold as the marriage is more about convenience than love. Ellida spent her formative years near the sea and has always yearned to return to it. But her life and responsibilities have kept her away. When a former lover reappears, he attempts to convince Ellida to leave her husband and travel abroad. She is forced to choose between the family she knows and the future she desires.

The Lady from the Sea examines the trappings of what appears to be a happy marriage. Despite a stable husband and two children, the wife is unfulfilled. She must look inside herself to discover what truly matters in her heart.

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