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Time to Heal: Guided Meditation to Overcome Trauma Believe and Prove You Can Truly Help Yourself to Overcome Hurtful Feelings, Trauma, Depression and Helplessness Feeling

Автор: Laura Warren Разказвач: Angel Willis Aудиокнига

Is it hard for you to let go of painful past events? Do you think it is time for you to heal from those conflicts, but you just don’t know how to start? Then you need to keep listening…
Recent studies show that one in four girls and one in six boys all over the world face significant traumas before turning eighteen. Once experienced, traumas can be extremely hard to let go of – in fact, they will change a whole life. It has been proved, however, that practicing meditation on a regular basis can reduce the symptoms of Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
In this audiobook, you’ll discover:
• Powerful guided meditations to release trauma and feel INSTANTLY better again. (Start feeling emotionally and mentally renovated and regain control over your life for a new beginning!)
• Advanced meditation practices that can help you break free from all your inner suffering.
• How to immediately experience stress relief with quick and easy meditations.
• Mindfulness sessions for post-trauma to accelerate the process of physical healing.
• Expert revolutionary methods to improve your memory. (Discover how to have back full control of your mind and get rid of any mental or emotional obstacle!)
And much, much more…
Even if you feel you can’t get away with your trauma and every attempt to heal has failed, with this guide you will be able to identify the right recovery techniques that will help you start again a new chapter in life, by cultivating emotional and inner strength.
If you want to access these transformative tools and finally allow yourself to find true healing, then you should start listening to this audiobook!

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