The Murder at Mandeville Hall - Stephanie Laurens

The Murder at Mandeville Hall

The Murder at Mandeville Hall

3.83 12 5 Autor: Stephanie Laurens Narrador: Napoleon Ryan
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#1 New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Laurens brings you a tale of unexpected romance that blossoms against the backdrop of dastardly murder.

Well-born rakehell and head of an ancient family, Alaric, Lord Carradale, is finally preparing to find a bride. But loyalty to his childhood friend Percy Mandeville necessitates attending Percy's annual house party, held at neighboring Mandeville Hall. Alaric decides that as soon as he's free, he'll hie to London and find the mild-mannered lady he believes will ensure a peaceful life. But the following morning he comes upon the corpse of a young lady-guest.

Constance Whittaker accepts that no gentleman will ever offer for her. Now acting as her grandfather's agent, she arrives at Mandeville Hall to extricate her young cousin, Glynis, who unwisely accepted an invitation to the reputedly licentious party.

But Glynis cannot be found.

Venturing into the shrubbery, Constance discovers an outrageously handsome aristocrat crouched beside Glynis' lifeless form. Unsurprisingly, Constance leaps to the obvious conclusion.

Luckily, commonsense reasserts itself, and Constance discovers Alaric to be a worthy ally. Yet even after Scotland Yard takes charge of the case, the murderer's identity remains shrouded in mystery, and learning why Glynis was killed tests the resolve of all concerned. Flung into each other's company, Constance and Alaric can't deny the connection that grows between them.

Then Constance vanishes.

Can Alaric unearth the one fact that will point to the murderer before the villain rips from the world the lady Alaric now craves for his own?
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Romance Traductor:

Editorial: Stephanie Laurens
Publicado: 2018-08-28
Duración: 8H 47M
ISBN: 9781982501723

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