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Freediving 101: How to Freedive and Explore the Underwater World on One Breath

Autor: HowExpert, Julie Shoults Narrador: Dan Viens Audiolibro

Have you ever wanted to connect with the ocean? Are you curious about holding your breath? Are you seeking a way to calm your mind? Freediving may be for you! This is when people explore the underwater world while holding their breath. Imagine you’re swimming over a colorful coral reef, with no SCUBA gear, just complete freedom. The fish are calm, the water is clear, and your lungs are full. Freediving may seem like an extreme sport, but in reality it is incredibly peaceful. It is relaxing, spiritual, and Zen. Freedivers find themselves in states of presence and bliss.

In this guide we discuss the ins and outs of this amazing sport. You could even say we go ‘in-depth’. Learn to increase your breath hold time and explore deeper in the ocean. Freediving is all about technique and relaxation, this guide will help you master these practices. Learn about different freediving disciplines for a better understanding of competitive freediving. This knowledge will also help you branch out and try new things as a freediver. There is also information about rescue techniques and safety procedures. It is important to be a safety conscious freediver. It isn’t an inherently dangerous sport, but a little information and practice can save a life.

About the Expert

Julie Shoults is passionate about freediving. This passion has taken her all over the world to freedive in remarkable places. She is a PADI SCUBA and Freediving Instructor. Julie is from Florida in the United States, but now she is a world traveler. Julie started her freediving journey in the Middle East where she was working as a SCUBA Instructor. It is with a lot of patience and Vitamin Sea that she gradually improves her freediving practice. She has been freediving in the beautiful lakes of East Africa, with whale sharks, turtles, manta rays, and on countless coral reefs.

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