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HowExpert Guide to Dance and Choreography: 101 Tips to Learn How to Dance, Improve Your Choreography Skills, and Become a Better Performer

Autor: HowExpert, Sydney Skipper Narrador: Kelley Sullivan Audiolibro

If you want to learn how to dance, improve your choreography skills, and become a better performer, then check out HowExpert Guide to Dance and Choreography.

This book goes into detail about where to start as a beginner dancer, what you need to know going into dance, and step-by-step guides to help you become a better dancer. For those also interested in choreography, this book shares some tips on how to choreograph for dance and create a great performance. It focuses on the importance of every little step when it comes to dancing, and we discuss the order you should follow as both a dancer and a choreographer. There are examples given as well as first-hand experiences that will provide the reader with a deeper understanding as these 101 tips are explained. Any dancer or choreographer can benefit from the tips given within this book.

The readers will walk away from this with a better knowledge of dance, the elements that go into a performance, and a better understanding of the time and commitment that comes with being a dancer or choreographer. In addition, the readers will have an idea as to whether they want to start on the path of learning to dance or choreograph and why.

Check out HowExpert Guide to Dance and Choreography to learn how to dance, improve your choreography skills, and become a better performer starting today!

About the Expert

Sydney Marie Skipper is a dancer and choreography for hip hop dance and musical theatre. Sydney has been a dancer for 15 years and received training from the Millennium Dance Complex in California. Growing up, she competed at dance competitions; she danced in numerous performances such as Lip Sync Battle on Telemundo and music videos for artists Emilio Roman and Macy Kate. In addition, she worked alongside choreographers who work within the dance industry.

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