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Fantasía y ciencia ficción
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"Continuing from Deathlands 143: Grave Capitol.
Catch a Lethal Star.
Enlisted for a mission to retrieve the memory of a military satellite that’s been mistaken for an angel by in-bred locals, Ryan Cawdor and his companions head deep into the wild country of Kill Island, only to discover they are being pursued by an old foe harboring a deadly grudge. With enemies on all sides, Ryan and his allies rapidly run out of places to turn ... and no way back.
Meanwhile, Doc Tanner is offered a tantalizing possibility that could end his time with the companions forever.
Performed by Richard?Rohan,?Terence?Aselford, Alejandro Ruiz,?Lolita Horne, Colleen Delany, Amanda Forstrom, Hannah Curtis, Julie-Ann Elliott, Foster Smith, David Zitney, Eric Messner, Jonathan Lee Taylor, K’lai Rivera, Amanda L’orien, Kelly Baskin, Ken Jackson, Mark Harrietha, Martin Dickinson, Peter Holdway, Rayner Gabriel, Scott McCormick, Michael Getz, Tyler Hyrchuck, and Yasmin Tuazon."

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