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The 6-Minute Work Day: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Using the Power of Leverage to Create Abundance and Freedom

Autor: Douglas Vermeeren Narrador: Chris Reilly Audiolibro

You've heard again and again that getting rich means working hard and being willing to put in long hours, often at the expense of everything else in your life. The 6-Minute Work Day is here to dispel that myth.

So many financial gurus, business books, and corporate training seminars teach you to hustle, grind, work harder, start work early, and stay late to be able to move forward in your career-or even just make ends meet.

But then you get that promotion or pay off that debt and the hustle starts again. And again. And again.

The truth is, you don't need to put in more hours to make more money. In fact, you should put in less-specifically, six minutes. Douglas Vermeeren, an award-winning entrepreneur trainer, has distilled his proven advice into this book to help you cast off your workday, optimize your time and freedom, and dramatically increase your income.

In The 6-Minute Work Day, Vermeeren breaks down: why we go to work-and why we don't need to do that to accomplish our goals; what we can really do in six minutes; how we can create and maintain a six-minute workday; and how we can expand on the income streams that our six minutes have generated to gain even more wealth.

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