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The Demon Apostle (2 of 3) [Dramatized Adaptation]: The DemonWars Saga 3

Autor: R.A. Salvatore Narrador: Michael John Casey, Terence Aselford, Christopher Graybill, Corrie James, Colleen Delaney, Richard Rohan, David Coyne, Joe Brack, Andy Clemence, Eric Messner, Elizabeth Jernigan Audiolibro

"Under the leadership of the sadistic Bishop De'Unerro, the Abellican church begins a stranglehold on the city of Palmaris, confiscating all magical artifacts and harassing the dark-skinned Behrenese merchant class. This reign of intimidation is not lost on King Danube Brock Ursal and an historic meeting in Palmaris is arranged between the King and the Dalebert Markwart, Abbot of the Church. But there is an assassin lurking in the shadows and she could determine the fate not just of a leader, but of a nation....
Meanwhile, Elbryan Wynden, accompanied by elves, Bradwarden the Centaur and Roger Lockless, finds himself on the road once more to the distant Barbacan, former home of the Demon Dactyl. Little does he know that on his trail is none other than De'Unerro himself, possessor of the Tiger's Paw..."

© 2022 GraphicAudio (Audiolibro) ISBN: 9781685086985

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