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The Ten Qualities of the World's Greatest Communicators

Autor: Dr. Tony Alessandra Libro electrónico

Almost every problem, every conflict, every mistake, and every misunderstanding has a communication problem at its most basic level. We live in a world filled with other people where we live together, work together, and play together. In our personal lives, we need each other for security, comfort, friendship, and love. And in our working environments, we need each other in order to achieve our goals and objectives. None of these goals can be achieved without communication, which makes it the basic thread that ties us together. The better we are at communicating, the more effective we are at achieving our hopes and dreams.

In this idea-packed book from communication expert Dr. Tony Alessandra, author of the best sellers Relationship Strategies and The Ten Qualities of Charismatic People, will teach you the Ten Qualities of The World's Greatest Communicators. Tony has observed that the majority of the great leaders in the worlds of both politics and business are also great communicators. They have an ability to establish bonds with people that are based on respect and honest communication. Great communicators make others want to trust and believe in them, and they possess a set of skills that enable them be heard in a way that gets results.

Learn the 10 qualities and, more importantly, ideas and strategies to develop the same dynamic communication skills of these great leaders.

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