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Undeath and Taxes [Dramatized Adaptation]: Fred, the Vampire Accountant 2

Autor: Drew Hayes Narrador: Shanta Parasuraman, Marni Penning, Terence Aselford, Scott McCormick, Elizabeth Jernigan, Danny Gavigan, Nora Achrati, Alejandro Ruiz, Bradley Smith, Carolyn Kashner, Christopher Walker Audiolibro

"After discovering just how filled with magic, intrigue, and adventure the parahuman world of being an Undead American can be, Fredrick Frankford Fletcher did exactly what was expected--he became a certified parahuman accountant. Myths and legends, as it turns out, are not so great at taking appropriate deductions and keeping their receipts, and Fred is more than happy to return to a life others view as woefully dull, expanding his accounting business to cater to various monsters and their respective financial needs.
Said monsters are, unfortunately, still spectacular at pulling Fred into trouble, though. And despite merely wanting to stick with simple paperwork, Fred once again finds he is going to have to deal with enchanted weaponry, government agents, possessed houses, and one enigmatic dragon’s interest. In the parahuman world, any business can turn deadly, even one as mundane as accounting.
Performed by Christopher Walker, Nora Achrati, Danny Gavigan, Scott McCormick, Marni Penning, Alejandro Ruiz, Bradley Smith, Carolyn Kashner, Shanta Parasuraman, Elizabeth Jernigan, Terence Aselford, Zeke Alton, Henry Kramer, Matthew Schleigh, Michael John Casey, Ken Jackson, Matthew Bassett, Colleen Delany and Chris Stinson."

© 2021 GraphicAudio (Audiolibro) ISBN: 9781648816536

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