Shattered - Ellen Vaughn,Frank Pastore



4.33 6 5 Kirjailija: Ellen Vaughn,Frank Pastore Lukija: Frank Pastore
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Cincinnati Reds pitcher Frank Pastore stepped onto the mound in Dodger Stadium to throw another fastball something hed done thousands of times since childhood. But this time was different. The batter connected and the ball came rocketing back to the mound, shattering not only Franks pitching elbow but also his dream of getting “rich and famous” through Major League Baseball.™ As he walked to the training room, Frank found himself asking a God he didnt believe in, “Why is this happening to me?” There was no answer at least not then. It was this injury that sent Frank, a lifelong atheist, on a journey that would change not only his mind but also his whole life as a husband, father, friend, and troubled son. We all know the pain of shattered dreams. Weve all wondered how to pick up the broken pieces after a crisis. Weve all wondered, “Where is God?” when life hurts so bad. This is a story of how the fragments of broken dreams can be reassembled into even bigger and better things. A story of how, when lifes disasters and difficulties knock us down, they dont have to destroy us. This is a story that shows how all of us can come to know were in Gods good hands. Even when were shattered.
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Julkaisija: Oasis Audio
Julkaisuvuosi: 2010-09-01
Pituus: 6T 17M
ISBN: 9781608147441

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