Of Sand and Storm - Amber Argyle

Of Sand and Storm

Of Sand and Storm

0.0 0 5 Kirjailija: Amber Argyle Lukija: Elizabeth Evans
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"A captivating series!" –Jennifer A. Nielsen, New York Times bestselling author
Stolen from the clanlands, the slaves of Idara fight to break free.

By law, any child born in Idara is free, even if that child is born in a slave brothel. Unfortunately for Cinder, she has grown into a beauty that surpasses even the renown of her mother and grandmother, making her far too valuable a commodity to lose. The slaveholder calls in Cinder’s debts, forcing her into a dangerous game where her very freedom is the prize.

As she prepares to do the impossible, she discovers that there is more at stake than she could have ever imagined. The game for her freedom is only a smaller move in a complex coup against the immortal Summer Queen. That discovery shifts her from a small piece to a major player. It’s not only her freedom, but the fate of an entire nation, that rests in her hands.

You don't want to miss Of Sand and Storm, the fourth book in the Fairy Queen's Series, a sweeping saga that spans generations of two families cursed to be immortal enemies. Those families must find a way to forgive past wrongs and combine their magic - one of fire, the other of ice - to save their dying world. Buy Of Sand and Storm now!
Kieli: Englanti Kategoria: Nuoret Sarja: Fairy Queens: 6 Kääntäjä:

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Julkaisija: Starling Publishing
Julkaisuvuosi: 2019-01-17
Pituus: 6T 54M
ISBN: 9781987121513

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