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Calming Songbirds: A Hammock for the Soul

Kirjailija: Yella A. Deeken Lukija: Ian Brannan Äänikirja

Calming Songbirds - A Hammock for the Soul

Birds have always fascinated mankind. With this audiobook, experience the power of nature like on a dreamlike vacation. Over 3 hours of bird calls, recorded all over the world. Using state-of-the-art recording technology, with extremely high fidelity, and the best spatial atmosphere. Gentle to powerful songbird concert (without music), perfect for use in meditation, or as soft background noise.

Listening to this recording instantly ensures considerable inner peace and can also have a very helpful effect on tinnitus.

Bonustrack: A complete guided mindfulness meditation program (22 minutes) for spiritual & physical wellness to help reduce anxiety, stress and insomnia. An effective, basic practice that can be used daily to feel at home with mindfulness.

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