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Get to the Point: Every Guidance or Provision You Will Ever Need Can Be Found Today in God's Presence

Kirjailija: Kevin White Lukija: Kevin White Äänikirja

There’s no doubt that you desire to live for God wholeheartedly. But you might be missing the point.
Trusting Jesus Christ, studying the Bible, and going to church are great avenues for seeking God. But if your worship focuses on finding faith rather than passionately pursuing God’s presence, you’re losing out on the life-changing meaning of God.

A practical guide for passionately pursuing the presence of God in your everyday life, Get to the Point will empower you to live fully in God’s presence, hear His voice, and receive His provision. Change your life with uplifting inspiration from international speaker Kevin White, who shares the simple truth to help you live in the center of God’s will—with all the blessings that come along with it.

You’ll discover

• Why rituals, religion, and even salvation aren’t the point—and what is your true path to an authentic connection with God.
• How God’s presence determines your why, what, and how in life to finish the task of the Great Commission.
• Six ways the Holy Spirit speaks the word of God, with tips to improve your spiritual hearing.
• Devotional passages of scripture that demonstrate God’s power in the world—and His affections toward you.
• Two simple ways to know that you’re getting to the point.

The only distance between you and God’s presence is your willingness to seek Him. No matter your age or connection to God, start getting to the point and back to Eden now with Get to the Point!

© 2021 Spirit Media (Äänikirja) ISBN: 9781737775829

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