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Hungry for More of Jesus: Experiencing His Presence in These Troubled Times

Kirjailija: David Wilkerson Lukija: Mike Chamberlain Äänikirja

Are You Experiencing a Spiritual Famine?

So is much of the church today. Watered-down messages and spiritual "fast food" fail to feed the hunger of those who truly seek the heart of God. What Christians need, according to David Wilkerson, is a confrontational message that will provoke them to righteousness-the message that Jesus alone can satisfy the hunger.

Hungry for More of Jesus issues a passionate call to a deep walk of daily discipleship. It reminds us that Jesus wants to give the abundant life we long for; He wants to satisfy the hunger. But first we must seek to know God's heart and cry out against the sins that break it. This is a book of hope and inspiration, while at the same time an honest look at the cost of hungering for Jesus.

This stirring book is for those who know Christ and are hungry to know Him better, and it is for those who want to know Him as they never have.

© 2022 christianaudio (Äänikirja) ISBN: 9781545917541

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