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Love in Another Town

Kirjailija: Barbara Taylor Bradford Lukija: Lisa Banes Äänikirja

A delightful novella from the internationally bestselling author of A Woman of Substance

Jake and Maggie, each fleeing a failed marriage, meet and fall in love, but their pasts throw up obstacles.

Jake Cantrell is suave, charming and a brilliant electrical engineer saddened by the failure of his marriage to Amy. Maggie Sorrell is a bright and elegant interior designer. She, too, has suffered a broken marriage.

Jake and Maggie meet – but despite a blossoming relationship, some of the obstacles seem insurmountable: the fifteen-year difference in their ages, Amy’s sudden illness, her reluctance to divorce Jake, and Maggie’s own inner turmoil.

But together they overcome the odds and find the ultimate: love in another town.

© 2012 HarperCollins (Äänikirja) ISBN: 9780007502172

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