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Relaxing Soundscapes for Mindfulness Meditation, Study, Yoga & Energy Work: Achieve Deeper Levels of Stress Relief, Tranquility & Focus

Kirjailija: Yella A. Deeken Lukija: Ian Brannan Äänikirja

No words, calming, and really relaxing. Soft, steady in intensity, non-distracting, and just beautiful. perfect to create a relaxing environment.

The deep trance state that you can reach with meditative soundscapes needs to be accompanied by something constant. Your mind should not be stimulated to hear frequency changes every second. This is the problem why some people meditate without results, they look for pleasure, but meditating will never give you the pleasure you get when you listen to music in a pub, meditation is a slow and peaceful thing that requires minimalism around you.

These sounds are slow, soft and hypnotic, they create a peaceful atmosphere to take you out of the mental frequencies in which you live most of the moments during the day.

"Relaxing Soundscapes for Mindfulness Meditation" are (non-looping!) atmospheric high-quality sounds made by international top artists in professional studios. 14 soothing soundscapes for: focus, study, yoga, stress relief, meditation, energy work, deep sleep, relaxation, sauna, and wellness. Total running time: 10 hours!

The purpose of these sounds is to create a hypnotic and relaxing atmosphere to immerse you in an inner state of awareness and peace, to stimulate your imagination and creativity, or simply to give you moments of pure relaxation and meditation. Take time for yourself and enjoy it.

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