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Fantasia & scifi
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Kirjailija: Alec Nevala-Lee Lukija: Jonathan Todd Ross, Catherine Ho Äänikirja

A finalist for both the Hugo and Locus awards, Alec Nevala-Lee has seen his short fiction and essays featured in
Salon, the New York Times, and Analog Science Fiction and Fact. Now Nevala-Lee delivers a gripping meditation on the
human experience with his powerful collection Syndromes: Science Fiction Stories.

These stories contain a cross section of narratives, people, and places: an unusual couple requests to be flown to a
remote island near Alaska; a series of beached whales vex a US military officer in Vietnam and cause unrest in a local
village; an ecoterrorist’s bomb at an upscale ski resort has unintended consequences; and mysterious killings thought
to be the work of a monster in Japan turn out to be something much more real.

© 2020 Recorded Books, Inc. (Äänikirja) ISBN: 9781980088738

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