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27 Arviot

Taken To The Workshop To Be Done Naughty : Anal Brats 3 (Anal Sex Erotica Age Gap Erotica)

Kirjailija: Kimmy Welsh Lukija: Sierra Kline Äänikirja

Mr. Cooper gives me a laptop while I’m interning at his company and I soon find it littered with a history of pornographic material, circling mainly around anal sex!

Afterwards I find out that the last owner of the laptop was Mr. Cooper himself! He seems infatuated with all things anal, but I’ve never even done it. I find out he’s never done it either and after a sinful discussion I offer myself up to him. Listen as he takes me out to his workshop to put it deep in my ass for the first time.

© 2021 Author's Republic (Äänikirja) ISBN: 9781662197833

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