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The New Rules of Running: Five Steps to Run Faster and Longer for Life

Kirjailija: David Allen Lukija: Steven Menasche Äänikirja

The ultimate guide to injury-free running and racing, from renowned sports medicine specialist Vijay Vad with training schedules designed by coach and 2-time NYC Marathon Champion Tom Fleming

Whether you're learning to run, trying to lower your Personal Record, recovering from injury, or just getting in shape, The New Rules of Running will make you a faster, healthier runner. The only book on running authored by a sports medicine specialist, this informative guide offers:

A primer on running's most common injuries, emphasizing prevention and recovery, to get you through the grueling training months unscathed.

Essential strengthening exercises, stretches, nutrition, and hydration tips.

© 2014 Ascent Audio (Äänikirja) ISBN: 9781469028453

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