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The Picture (Unabridged)

Kirjailija: Rosale Parker Lukija: Rayner Bourton Äänikirja

Rosalie Parker runs the independent UK publishing house Tartarus Press with R. B. Russell. Her previous collections include The Old Knowledge (Swan River Press 2010) and Damage (PS Publishing 2016). "In the Garden" was selected for Best New Horror 21 (2010), and "Random Flight" for Best British Horror 2015. Rosalie lives in Coverdale, North Yorkshire, the magnificent landscape of which inspires and sometimes provides the settings for her writing.
THE PICTURE: The picture hung at the far end of the junk shop, its quality shin-ing as clear as a moonbeam through the detritus that surrounded it. Sadie thought at first that it must be a print, but closer inspec-tion proved it to be indeed a drawing, as the label affixed to it claimed.

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