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Sales Anxiety Coaching: How to Become the Best Version of Yourself and Rock it in Sales!

Auteur: Various authors, Chris Widener, Cara Lane, Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, George Walther, Dan Johnston, Mort Orman Narrateur: Various Narrators Livre audio

Lower your stress, deeply relax your body, and learn how to use triggers to instantly stimulate peace of mind.

Sales is the most rewarding profession in the world. So why do parts of the job have to be so stressful? If prospecting, phone sales, cold calling, rejection, and closing makes your palms sweat, then you’re in luck—this product has been designed to help you navigate the most stressful aspects of sales.

This audio contains lessons from the world’s top sales experts who will guide you through their secrets of stress-free selling. In no time at all, you’ll be selling with ease.

Contributors include Tom Hopkins, America’s #1 sales trainer. Tom uses humor to address the top 12 stressors in sales, and how to beat them. Beating Sales Anxiety also includes techniques from psychologists, PhD’s and Zig Ziglar, the most famous sales motivator in the world.

Topics include:

How to overcome daily stressors
How to regain your enthusiasm
How to regain your confidence
40 natural closing techniques
NLP techniques to overcome anxiety
Phone prospecting skills
How to be pleasantly assertive, not pushy
Overcoming sales objections

This audio program will leave you laughing as you absorb success stories, techniques, and systems for dealing with sales stress. With these sales techniques, you’ll keep your lead pipeline full and blow away your quotas.

© 2020 Blackstone Publishing (Livre audio) ISBN: 9781799914402

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