Runes for Writers - Marc Graham

Runes for Writers

Runes for Writers

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Tired of struggling with writer's block?

This ancient system helps storytellers access the realm of ideas, the world of the Muses. By integrating left- and right-brain activity, you can open your awareness to the subconscious levels where true creativity takes place.

Runes for Writers can take you from blocked to un-blocked. For good.

The runes of the Elder Futhark were used by ancient Germanic shamans for divination centuries before they came into use as a writing system. Now, novelist and shamanic practitioner Marc Graham brings these tools of the ancients into the twenty-first century. Using a combination of cards, tiles, and dice, writers (and storytellers in any medium) can silence the inner editor and tap directly into the realm of the Muses, the Source of Story.

With a series of runecastings created specifically for storytelling, you can:

- Develop character sketches
- Troubleshoot scenes
- Design major plot points
- Even outline your entire story

A companion to the Runes for Writers story-development system, this book is your guide into the fascinating world of deep, intuitive storytelling.
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More information about the audiobook:

Publisher: Arcadian Dreamscapes
Published: 2020-01-21
Length: 2H 55Min
ISBN: 9781732755130

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