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A Joe Bev Cartoon Collection

Author: Joe Bevilacqua, Pedro Pablo Sacristán Narrator: Lorie Kellogg, Joe Bevilacqua, William Melillo, Phil Proctor, others Audiobook

In A Joe Bev Cartoon Collection, award-winning radio producer and voice actor Joe Bevilacqua, a.k.a. Joe Bev, presents ...

Hard-Boiled Joe Bev: A Joe Bev Cartoon, Volume 1An hour of film noir parodies, including
The Mysterious Thief of ThievesThe SafeThe Japanese SandmanThe Mystery of the Missing CoinThe Camp Kilmer Case
Joe Bev at Sea: A Joe Bev Cartoon, Volume 2An hour of sea adventure parodies, including
An Octopus in TroubleBritty the StarfishThe Good PiratePete the PelicanLola the WhaleBirth of the TurtlesSherlock Snail Finds a HomeThe Cockerel, the Duck, and the MermaidsStickybeard's TreasureA Warm WhaleMaddie's Treasure
Joe Bev Joins the Circus: A Joe Bev Cartoon, Volume 3An hour of big-top parodies, including
The Careless ClownThe Happy SweeperPerils of the Tiger BarnSticky WicketThe Mysterious Juggling ClownThe Traveling Extravaganza, or, His Name is Bub
Joe Bev Goes West: A Joe Bev Cartoon, Volume 4Two hours of horse opera parodies, including
The Deductive Mr. HorseflyThe Mystery of the Bodiless HorsemanJohnny the LizardThe Lonely RangerDeadeye DunbarRapunzel and the BanditThe Old RangerThe Full Warren
Joe Bev in Outer Space: A Joe Bev Cartoon, Volume 5An hour of sci-fi parodies, including
The Crashed MartianThe Red MoonThe Best RobotThe HypersensorSquidge AttackHuck Goes to the MoonDrums in SpaceTimmy in the FutureRobot with a VirusThe Old Man on the Moon
Joe Bev up the Jungle: A Joe Bev Cartoon, Volume 6An hour of jungle adventure parodies, including
A Lion without a RoarJohnny the GiraffeThe Colorless TigerIce in the JungleThe Tickling ScalesThe Mocking TigerJemima the Nosy GiraffeNever Make Fun of a RhinoThe Photographic ElephantPeter Bergman and the End of the WorldThe Boo Boo Monkeys

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