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Lyric Poetry & Drama

A London Plane-Tree - And Other Verse

Author: Amy Levy E-book

“A London Plane-Tree - And Other Verse” is an 1889 collection of poetry by Amy Levy. Amy Judith Levy (1861–1889) was a British poet, novelist, and essayist. She was notably the first Jewish woman to study at Cambridge university, and she became well-known for her feminist positions as well as relationships with both male and female political and literature figures. Contents include: “A London Plane-Tree”, “Love, Dreams, & Death”, “Moods and Thoughts”, and “Odds and Ends”. Her other works include: “Xantippe and Other Verse” (1881), “The Romance of a Shop” (1888), “Reuben Sachs” (1888), and “Miss Meredith” (1889). As part of our poetry imprint "Ragged Hand" Read & Co. is proudly publishing this brand new collection of classic poetry complete with an introductory biography of the author by Richard Garnett.

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