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15T 27min

A Mersey Mile

Author: Ruth Hamilton Narrator: Marlene Sidaway Audiobook

In 1955 Scotland Road residents fear for their futures when government plans threaten to demolish their road. Polly's Parlour café is the centre for action, where strategies are formed to fight back. But when local priest Father Brennan attacks little Billy Blunt, minds are instead turned to vengeance. Frank Charleson, business entrepreneur turned local hero after saving Billy's life, finds himself increasingly fond of Polly Kennedy. Polly has a hard enough life as it is. With parents gone and a disabled twin brother to care for, she has all but given up on having a family of her own. But can Frank provide the care the twins need? And is Polly strong enough to keep their community together?

© 2014 Soundings (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781407934464