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All About the Burger

Author: Sef "Burger Beast" Gonzalez Narrator: Matthew Boston Audiobook

A History of the Burger, From Conception to Perfection

A World History of Burgers: Do you know what the first burger chain was? That Taco Bell was originally known as Bell Burger-and was founded in the same city as McDonald's? Have you heard of the 1980s Burger Wars? All About the Burger covers all of these topics and more! Discover the food history you've been missing in this entertaining book.

The Burger Journey of a Lifetime: All About the Burger will take you on an informational magic carpet ride. You'll learn about restaurants, cooking styles, and different eras that have made the burger the juggernaut that it is. From White Castle to Shake Shack, from simple sandwich to specialty burger, don't miss out on what is sure to be one of the most entertaining looks at history ever written.

All About the Burger is the definitive Bible of Burgers. After listening to this book, you will learn the contributions burgers have made to food culture; the evolution of the burger from carnival treat to an American staple; where to go to find your next favorite burger; and much more!

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