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Betty Leicester: A Story for Girls

Author: Sarah Orne Jewett E-book

When Mr. Leicester decided his Alaskan trip was too dangerous for his daughter, he encouraged Betty to pick her own location to summer in. Having been to many countries and cities, Betty had to think it over. When she realizes just how much she is going to miss her father, Betty finds her answer. If she cannot spend the summer with her father, she will spend it with extended family.

After years of begging Betty and her father to visit, Aunt Barbra and Mary are excited to host Betty in their New England home. Bright and kind, Betty influences everyone she meets, but as she enjoys her summer of new adventures, she can’t help but be caught between her identity as an adult, and her child-like wonder. As a well-travelled young woman, Betty has experience that is uncommon for her age. Yet, in all the places she’s visited, no region was more impressionable than New England.

Views of a gorgeous countryside and the Atlantic coast contrast with the depressing social conditions of her aunts’ home village. Happy to be of any help, Betty lifts the spirits of every townsperson she meets as she listens to their story and tries to make sense of her own. First published in 1889, Sarah Orne Jewett wrote Betty Leicester: A Story for Girls intentionally for an audience of young women.

Knowing that there were not many books suited specifically for young women at time, Jewett was dedicated to creating a character and story that young girls could relate to. Despite its target audience, Betty Leicester: A Story for Girls continues to be enjoyed by a wide audience. With a slice-of-life narrative, the compelling characterization of Betty as she comes of age, and intricate description of the setting, this Sarah Orne Jewett work is sweet and wholesome.

This edition of Betty Leicester: A Story for Girls by Sarah Orne Jewett features an eye-catching new cover design and is presented in a font that is both modern and readable. With these accommodations, this edition is accessible and appealing to contemporary audiences, restoring Betty Leicester: A Story for Girls to modern standards while preserving the original genius and beauty of Sarah Orne Jewett’s work.

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