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Deephaven and Selected Stories

Author: Sarah Orne Jewett E-book

A compilation of Sarah Orne Jewett’s essential works including Deephaven, a novel about two young women who spend a summer visiting a small coastal town. Other notable titles include “From a Mournful Villager” and “An October Ride.” Deephaven centers two young Bostonians, Kate Lancaster and her friend Helen Denis. When Kate’s aunt dies, they travel to a quaint fishing village to look after her estate. They spend the summer adjusting to the sights and sounds of their new environment. This includes meeting lively neighbors like the local fishermen, minister and lighthouse keeper. It is a beautiful and nuanced portrayal of small-town living with its memorable characters. The book also includes multiple short stories from Sarah Orne Jewett’s catalog such as “Miss Debby’s Neighbors,” “From a Mournful Villager” and “An Autumn Holiday.” In this collection, Sarah Orne Jewett delivers a vivid portrait of New England life. The tales featured in Deephaven and Selected Stories are prime examples of American literary regionalism. The author highlights a small part of the nation’s unique culture and identity. With an eye-catching new cover, and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of Deephaven and Selected Stories is both modern and readable.

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