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Lyric Poetry & Drama
1T 34min

Angela Arden wants to be free of her suffocating marriage to film producer Sol Sussman. What better way than poison! Distraught by her father’s death and convinced of her mother’s guilt, Edith Sussman plots to get the truth out of Angela using any means necessary. Charles Busch stars in the role he originated in this camp sendup where tongues aren’t the only thing dipped in acid.

Recorded before a live audience at the UCLA James Bridges Theater in May 2019.

Directed by Carl Andress
With original music and songs by Lewis Flinn
Producing Director Susan Albert Loewenberg
Charles Busch as Angela Arden Sussman
Mark Capri as Tony Parker
Willie Garson as Sol Sussman
Ellis Greer as Edith Sussman
Jeffery Self as Lance Sussman
Ruth Williamson as Bootsie

Associate Artistic Director, Anna Lyse Erikson. Recording Engineer, Sound Designer and Mixer, Mark Holden for The Invisible Studios, West Hollywood. Senior Radio Producer, Ronn Lipkin. Foley Artist, Brian Wallace. Production Manager, Zack Myers. Editor, Julian Nicholson.

“The Missing Girl” performed by Mary Birdsong, music and lyrics by Lewis Flinn.

“The Salt and Pepper Polka” performed by Mary Birdsong,
music by Lewis Flinn, lyrics by Dick Gallagher and Charles Busch.

© 2019 L.A. Theatre Works (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781682660980