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Episode 6 - Battle of Basantar

Author: Zankar Editorial, Nitin Gadkari, Jasbir Bawa Narrator: Sagar Naik, Uday Thatte, Kshitij Jahagirdar Audiobook

Imagine 2nd Lt. Arun Khetrapal , a young lad, just 21 years of age, very tender age isn’t it… in the middle of battle field ….. what must have gone through his mind?
“Sir my gun is still functioning and I will get the remaining lot”
“No Prayag did you not hear the Commandant’s transmission that no tank will pull back even an inch”.
“The tank is a part of my destiny but whenever I see the Famagusta, I remember Arun Sahab my commander who fought like a tiger”
Originally from #Pune, One of the heroes of the battle of the Basantar was 2Lt Arun khetarpal, to date the youngest winner of the PVC who went down fighting at the tender age of 21.
Listen to Heroic tales from the Battle of Basantar

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