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Lyric Poetry & Drama

I Thought My Spirit & My Heart Were Tamed - Poems of Moods & Thoughts

Author: Amy Levy E-book

“I Thought My Spirit & My Heart Were Tamed” is a wonderful collection of poetry by British poet Amy Levy connected through the common themes of thoughts and emotions. Levy suffered with major depression, growing worse as she got closer to her 30s and becoming aware of her growing deafness. Although showing such talents at a young age, Levy took her own life 2 months before her 28th birthday. This collection looks into the mind of this struggling poet and perhaps her final poetic thoughts and struggles with depression. Contents include: “The Old House”, “Lohengrin”, “Alma Mater”, “In the Black Forest”, “Captivity”, “The Two Terrors”, “The Promise of Sleep”, “The Last Judgment”, “The Lost Friend”, “Cambridge in the Long”, “To Vernon Lee”, “The Old Poet”, “On the Wye in May”, “Oh, Is It Love?”, “In the Nower”, and “The End of the Day”. Amy Judith Levy (1861–1889) was a British poet, novelist, and essayist. She was notably the first Jewish woman to study at Cambridge university, and she became well-known for her feminist positions as well as her romantic relationships with both male and female political and literature figures. Other works by this author include: “Xantippe and Other Verse” (1881), “The Romance of a Shop” (1888), “Reuben Sachs” (1888), and “Miss Meredith” (1889). As part of our poetry imprint "Ragged Hand" Read & Co. is proudly publishing this brand new collection of classic poetry complete with an introductory biography of the author by Richard Garnett.

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