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Author: Darshan Desale E-book

This is my first book. The journey of this book began when I was in the eighth grade in school. Since my childhood, I was engrossed with questions about many things. I did not get all the answers in those days. Whatever answers I got were not satisfactory. It was then I began to look for answers in my way. During that quest, I got interested in ancient wisdom and knowledge, and before I knew it, I had begun researching the subject matter. I also began writing articles on the same. Of course, these were limited to myself and my friends. I did not start writing a book and I had no intention to do so.
The thought of writing a book occurred to me while I was in the twelfth grade. Very often we used to have discussions hours after our dinner on various topics. I used to narrate stories from ancient history in such gatherings. I used to present my interpretation and some research on the topics. My friends used to find these interesting and liked them. It was then that my friends urged me to write a book, and I took it up seriously. Initially, I wrote a lot of short stories, but many I did not like myself. Eventually, in my second year of college, I developed the concept of a story. I gave it to my friends to read, who liked it very much and recommended that I publish it as a book. Consequently, today I am happy to present this book to my readers. I am happy that you have picked up this book, and I am thankful to you all for that. I hope you all like it. I eagerly await your comments and criticism for the same.

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