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My Boys

Author: Louisa May Alcott E-book

As some grandmothers rummage their piece-bags and bundles in search of gay odds and ends to make gifts with which to fill the little stockings that hang all in a row on Christmas Eve, Louisa May Alcott has gathered together some stories, old and new, to amuse the large family that has so rapidly and beautifully grown up about her. Her hopes were, that when they promenade in night-caps and gowns to rifle the plump stockings, the little "dears" will utter an "Oh!" of pleasure, and give a prance of satisfaction, when they pull out this small gift from Aunt Jo's scrap-bag. Among the stories included are 'My Boys', 'Tessa's Surprises', 'Buzz', 'The Children's Joke'. 'Dandelion', 'Madam Cluck, and her Family', 'A Curious Call', 'Tilly's Christmas' and many others.

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