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Nerdonomics: The Big Impact of Small Business on the Future of Economic Growth

Author: Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist E-book

Nerdonomics is poised to change the way we think about business. It is challenging the traditional structures and policies that define and confine traditional business models. By embracing borderless digital communications, smart nerds with highly-specialized knowledge and interests can leverage their cred in online communities and create thriving businesses. Nerdonomics shows that it is the relationships and the people behind the business that make the decisive difference. A new breed of entrepenerds using new and existing technology in never- imagined ways is leading a wave of economic, political and societal change.

Communities, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, 3D printing are democratizing the functions of R&D, production, marketing and finance—areas once tightly held by many businesses. Many minds, hands and wallets, together, make light work for the networked entreprenerd. This gives mere start-ups access to global marketing, customers and financing sources, leading to an unprecedented pace of growth for these businesses. This book includes cases studies from Åre Skid- fabrik, Virtuous Spirits and Rapunzel of Sweden, among others.

© 2015 Ekerlids Förlag (E-book) ISBN: 9789187391774

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