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Persian Perpetrator

Author: Katherine Hayton Narrator: Kirsty Gillmore Audiobook

Marjorie Hardaway is going stir-crazy. With the country under Level 4 lockdown, her entire world has shrunk to the size of a computer screen. Braden is stuck at the other end of the country and zoom meetings are very nice but they're no substitute for a chest-crushing hug. Her few ventures into the community to exercise or deliver meals on wheels are the only opportunity for company—at a strict two-metre distance.

But when a regular meal client is found dead, Marjorie discovers how lucky she's been. Better to have nobody knocking at the door than answer it to find a killer waiting on the front step.

With no other distractions on hand, the local community soon bands together (figuratively) to hunt down the person responsible. If they can't innovate new ways to investigate, the murderer might get away with the purr-fect crime.

© 2021 Katherine Hayton (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781662271656

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