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Race for Tomorrow: Survival, Innovation and Profit on the Front Lines of the Climate Crisis

Author: Simon Mundy Narrator: Simon Mundy Audiobook

As featured on CNN’s Amanpour & Company and BBC Radio 4’s Start the Week with Andrew MarrOne of the Financial Times’ best books of 2021
In this compelling journey through twenty-six countries, Simon Mundy traces how the struggle to respond to the climate crisis is rapidly reshaping the modern world – shattering communities, shaking global business and propelling waves of cutting-edge innovation.

Telling unforgettable human stories, meeting scientists and business tycoons, activists and political leaders, this is an account of disaster and survival, of frantic adaptation and groundbreaking innovation, of hope, and of the forces that will define our future.

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‘Urgent reading … A truly global journey’ SOPHY ROBERTS

‘Vivid and informed’ ADAM NICOLSON

‘I took a great sense of hope’ RICHARD POWERS

‘Reads like a thriller’ MARK LYNAS

‘An inspiring piece of work’ MICHAEL E. MANN

‘Utterly unlike any book yet written in this field’ ANAND MAHINDRA

‘Gripping … A must-read for every concerned global citizen’ NANDAN NILEKANI

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