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Sleeping Murder

Author: Agatha Christie Narrator: Stephanie Cole Audiobook

A strange houseA ghost from the past
As soon as she moves into Hillside, Gwenda knows there’s something strange about this house.

A sealed room. A hidden door. The apparition of a young woman being strangled.

But strangest of all – this all seems quite familiar.

As her friend Jane Marple investigates, the answer seems to lie in a crime committed nearly twenty years ago.

The killer may have gotten away with murder. But Miss Marple is never far behind.

Never underestimate Miss Marple

‘Reading a perfectly plotted Agatha Christie is like crunching into a perfect apple: that pure, crisp, absolute satisfaction.’
Tana French

‘Miss Marple is spry, shrewd and compassionate.’
Sunday Telegraph

© 2006 HarperCollins (Audiobook) ISBN: 9780007252206

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