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The Common Good: Rising of a New Dawn: How Living a More Conscious Life Can Heal a Nation One Heart, One Mind, One Thought at a Time

Author: Juanita S. Farrow E-book

An inspiring guide about how our daily decisions can turn hate and fear into hope and love.

The Common Good: Rising of a New Dawn will forever change how you see your neighbor. On this captivating spiritual journey through America, hear the stories of how ordinary people—people in the trenches devoted to the common good—are making an extraordinary difference in the lives of many.

With passion, wit, and wisdom, Juanita Farrow discusses business, politics, and religion, and paints a compelling picture of how the common good is God’s desire for America, and why it’s good for America. Juanita Farrow states, “We live in a great country, but far too often we allow our beliefs and egos to divide us in ways that become a form of paralysis that impacts the entire nation. ” Explore how the people in our lives and the experiences of our journey begin to shape our decisions and our view of the world.

The Common Good speaks to people of faith and nonbelievers, and challenges everyone to look within for authentic purpose. It looks at pressing issues for Americans, but also the rising of a new dawn. Building the bridges to transcend differences will require a lot of heart. Creating a movement for the common good will be difficult, but even businesses, for instance, have found social entrepreneurship not only solves problems around the world, but is good for the bottom line. The Common Good describes how living a more conscious life can heal a nation—one heart, one mind, one thought at a time. A message of hope on how to turn fear into love, it can leave you feeling truly empowered—and inspired to make a difference.

© 2016 Morgan James Publishing (E-book) ISBN: 9781630476199

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