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The Confessions of Arsène Lupin

Author: Maurice Leblanc Narrator: Stefan Rudnicki, Juliet Mills, Maxwell Caulfield Audiobook

The outrageous tales of the gentleman thief Arsène Lupin

In “Two Hundred Thousand Francs Reward!,” it has been a fortnight since the baroness Repstein disappeared from Paris, taking with her a fortune in jewels stolen from her husband. French detectives have chased her all over Europe, following the trail of gemstones like so many precious breadcrumbs, but she has eluded their efforts. When Arsène Lupin finds her, she will not escape so easily. Meanwhile in “The Wedding-Ring,” a wife desperately tries to outwit a husband set on divorce and willing to use their son as a pawn. A greedy stepfather, a strange car accident, a false wedding announcement, and more are woven through the rest of these thrilling tales, in which the cunning gentleman thief outwits both policemen and criminals time and time again, always making sure to pocket something for himself.

Full contents: “Two Hundred Thousand Francs Reward!” • “The Wedding-Ring” • “The Sign of the Shadow” • “The Infernal Trap” • “The Red Silk Scarf” • “Shadowed by Death” • “A Tragedy in the Forest of Morgues” • “Lupin’s Marriage” • “The Invisible Prisoner” • “Edith Swan-Neck”

© 2020 Blackstone Publishing (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781094139944

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