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The Cottage

Author: Gerri Hill Narrator: Abby Craden Audiobook

Jill and Carrie—both married with teenage children—meet one day during Jill's lunch break at a local park. Soon a friendship is forged. A friendship that deepens with each visit.

Jill's husband still lives and breathes the coach's life, a life that leaves him little time to spare for Jill. Left on her own more and more, Jill finds herself searching for the indefinable something that has been missing all her life.

Married to a successful businessman, Carrie Howell retired early from a career in real estate to spend more time with her teenage boys, and to pursue her lone passion-painting. She, too, has felt for some time that something is missing from her world.

The Cottage is the story of two women pulled by a force stronger than their marriages, stronger than themselves. The story of Jill and Carrie. Two women. One love.

© 2021 Tantor Audio (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781705294703

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