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9T 27min

The House on the Hill

Author: Chris Penhall Narrator: Gloria Sanders Audiobook

Soundings and Choc Lit present the audio edition of The House on the Hill. Surely it can't be hard to stay peaceful at one of the oldest yoga and mindfulness retreats in the Algarve, surrounded by sea, sun and serenity? Mostly, owner Layla Garcia manages it - with the help of meditation and plenty of camomile tea, of course. But keeping her grandparents' legacy alive is stressful, and Layla has become so shackled to the work that, for her, The House on the Hill is fast becoming 'The Fortress on the Hill'. Then writer Luke Mackie moves to the villa next door, bringing with him a healthy dose of chaos to disrupt Layla's plans, plus a painful reminder of a time when she was less-than-serene. But could his influence be just what Layla needs to 'dance like no-one's watching' and have the fun she's been missing?

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