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Fantasy & SciFi
9T 4min

The Quantum Curators and the Missing Codex

Author: Eva St. John Narrator: Lucy Rayner, Alex Wyndham Audiobook

The gods don't exist but who's going to tell them?

Something is rotten in the heart of Alexandria and Julius Strathclyde is in trouble. He appears to have summoned the gods, which is driving his partner, Neith Salah, insane. Not to mention all the other ultra-rational citizens of Alpha earth.

It gets worse.

The gods set a challenge that can't be refused. The race is on to find the lost blueprints for the Quantum Stepper. Whoever possesses them will be able to unlock the stepper's true potential.

The game is afoot and the outcome is terrifying. All of time and space will be under the control of the victors; to protect, or to plunder. Can Julius and Neith get to the plans before their rivals?

If they lose, Julius's earth is doomed, but if they win, Neith's earth will continue to disintegrate.

Can they find a third way? Or will the gods win out?

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