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9T 43min

This Could Be Serious

Author: Julius Grafton Narrator: Graeme Hague Audiobook

Sex, drugs, rock and roll, Absinthe, splatter, death, internet dating and MUCH MORE. The story of an innocent Sydney boys journey from slum to splendour along the explosive rock and roll highways of the 70's, through heartbreak and happiness.
Having made and lost fortunes, 4 wives and adventures all around the world. Julius Grafton is a writer, former rock and roll roadie, and entrepreneur doing business in the music, events and media industries.
This fast moving story gathers some unbelievable chapters in a colourful life lived hard. You meet plenty of interesting people: Bruce Jackson, Eric Robinson, Garry Glitter, Roger Davies, A. J. Maddah and Tom Misner all get a chapter.

© 2020 Author's Republic (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781662146282

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