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Women of Will

Author: Tina Packer, Nigel Gore Narrator: Tina Packer, Nigel Gore Audiobook

“Dazzling and illuminating”-- Boston Globe

“Brilliant! Fearlessly impassioned acting that you’ll remember for as long as you live.”-- Wall Street Journal

A tour de force, in-studio performance for Shakespeare lovers, scholars, artists and anyone who thinks the lady doth protest too much! Join Master Shakespearean actor, Tina Packer as she deconstructs and conjures Shakespeare’s most famous female characters. She is joined by multi-award-winning actor Nigel Gore who plays Romeo to Packer’s Juliet and Petruchio to her Kate. Together they bring listeners on a unique journey for the ears as they explore love, loss and power through Shakespeare's heroines, combining the most beloved Shakespeare scenes with fascinating analysis.

“The play explores Shakespeare’s own enlightenment as he delves into the female psyche, and realizes if we don’t deeply listen to what the women say, we are never going to solve the problems of the world!” Tina Packer

Through this unique performance, listeners will discover the mastery of Tina Packer (founder of the world-renowned Shakespeare & Company) hailed “marvelous!” by The New York Times and “irresistible” by the Associated Press. And the steady brilliance of Nigel Gore (narrator of The Time Machine by H. G. Wells, also from Alison Larkin Presents.)

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