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Y-Size Your Business: How Gen Y Employees Can Save You Money and Grow Your Business

Author: Jason Ryan Dorsey Narrator: Joshua Swanson Audiobook

In a tough economy, attracting and retaining talent can make all the difference in a companys survival, but cutting costs is equally as important. The solution to both is Gen Y employees. This demographic creates value and profit because 18 to 32-year-olds are the least expensive to employ, or cheap to keep. They are also difficult to keep, however, as their unique employment priorities differ greatly from those of their older employers. In order to remain competitive, businesses must bridge this generation gap. In Y-Size Your Business, Jason Ryan Dorsey, himself a member of Gen Y, presents his frontline-tested Y-Size process, proven best practices for employing his generation. By implementing Jasons 100 cost-effective, ready-to-use strategies that can deliver results in as little as two weeks, businesses of all sizes and industries will effectively attract the most talented Gen Y employees and unlock their on-the-job performance, creativity, and loyalty. Each chapter features hilarious and outrageous true stories that highlight the range of experiences employers in industries from fast food to high tech are having with their Gen Y employees, and easy-to-digest generational comparisons enable the reader to understand Gen Ys mindset in the context of his or her own generation.

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