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Princess Incognito: Fighting for my Family

Höfundur: N.J. Humphreys Rafbók

Uncle Ernie protects Princess Sabrina at all times. He’s getting old and makes rude noises in the wrong places, but he’s still the best bodyguard around. Most of all, he helps Sabrina keep her royal secrets.

And then, Uncle Ernie goes missing.

Sabrina’s enemies could be behind his disappearance, leaving her with an
impossible dilemma. Should she try and find her beloved uncle or run away and save herself?

Luckily, her loyal, funny friends, Charlie, Liam and Awful Agatha offer their support. Together, they embark upon a scary rescue mission after dark. The crazy gang have just one night to track down Uncle Ernie. The future of Sabrina’s royal family is at stake. She may never see her parents again. Is she prepared for the greatest fight of her life?

© 2022 MarshallCavendishEditions (Rafbók) ISBN: 9789815044577

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