Does God Love All or Some? - Ronnie W. Rogers

Does God Love All or Some?

Does God Love All or Some?

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The term "extensivism" describes my position regarding the doctrine of salvation. Specifically, extensivism believes that man was created in the image of God with otherwise choice; God's salvation plan involves an all-inclusive unconditional offer of salvation to every person, reception of which is conditioned upon grace-enabled faith rather than Calvinism's exclusive plan of a limited actual offer of salvation to only the unconditionally elected. Generally, it replaces the term "non-Calvinism."

These are the five primary objectives of the book: First, my considerations would result in a deeper understanding of God. Second, I will demonstrate that God salvationally loves every single person. Third, I intend to offer a precise and respectful critique of Calvinism's internal and biblical inconsistencies (these are largely due to its commitment to compatibilism and unconditional election). Fourth, I will demonstrate that God's free choice to endow man with libertarian freedom is a more biblical perspective. Fifth, because a significant percentage of people who become Calvinists do not actually understand Calvinism, I seek to present Calvinism and extensivism in language that is precisely and consistently reflective of the commitments of each perspective regarding God's sovereignty, salvific love, foreknowledge, and man's freedom; this so a person can make an informed choice about Calvinism.
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Editore: Wipf and Stock
Pubblicato: 2019-04-19
ISBN: 9781532681790

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