The Simple Slow Cooker Cookbook - Rina S. Gritton

The Simple Slow Cooker Cookbook

The Simple Slow Cooker Cookbook

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From Smoky chicken with vegetables to scrambled eggs, Chocolate Quinoa Bread to Oriental Pot Roast, the slow cooker recipes I have got for you will make it easier for you to prepare high-quality time-saving meals. Forget the hassle you face every night trying to put together a quick meal for your family and make use of your instant pot to put together wholesome meals every time. This instant pot cookbook is all that you need in preparing, setting and forgetting meals.

This slow cooker cookbook will keep you and your family happy with

Easy to prepare delicious meals

Less stressful recipes

Quite some recipes that you can put together seven days a week.

Gain confidence in developing your cooking skills

Make your kids want a second round!

This slow cooker cookbook is all that you need in preparing meals using an instant pot. No matter your choice of food, from the common to the exotic, your taste buds are fully catered for.

It is time you begin to cook all your favorite meals using a slow cooker and avoid those late night rush.

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