Progressing through Grief - Stephanie Jose

Progressing through Grief

Progressing through Grief

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Grieving is a highly personal experience and reactions differ from person to person. Feelings of loss are arguably the most unique, confusing feelings with which to cope. Therapist and grief expert Stephanie Jose understands this. She wrote Progressing through Grief as an interactive resource to gently meet you wherever you are today, as you move through your grief and towards healing. Stephanie has spent countless hours working with grieving clients, and she saw the need for a resource that would address the various feelings of grief that occur at any stage of the process.

Twenty years ago, Stephanie Jose became well acquainted with grief when she suddenly lost her friend. She has experienced first-hand many of the same feelings as her patients. Progressing through Grief provides practical methods for coping with immediate feelings of loss, as well as the difficult emotions that can persist over time.

Progressing through Grief is divided into three sections, each focusing on key factors that create a powerful process for healing:
Understanding why grieving is important, and how grief affects your bodyIdentifying complicated feelings and learning skills for coping with themJournaling to move through overwhelming feelings and practicing self-care through relaxation techniques, nutrition tips, and meditation practices
Designed to be a companion as you courageously confront and process your feelings, Progressing through Grief is intended to help you progress through your grief and into healing.
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Editore: Blackstone Publishing
Pubblicato: 2018-12-18
Durata: 2H 39Min
ISBN: 9781982549640

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